Matt Garcia is an ABA (Amateur Boxing Association) coach and founder of North London boxing club, Total Boxer, where he provides quality boxing fitness and skills training to everyone, from absolute beginners to competition fighters.

Boxing fitness and skills training with Matt is the quickest and most effective way for you to get fit, in shape and develop real boxing skill; whether you want to use boxing fitness training as a means of exercise, or for competition preparation.

Matt combines traditional boxing training methods with an engaging and inspiring style to help you de-stress, build self-confidence, learn self-defence, increase strength and stamina.

Boxing fitness and skills training sessions are available on a private one-to-one or group basis at your private location or Total Boxer in North London.

No experience or fitness is required to get started, so contact Matt today!

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Following a free consultation and depending on your training objectives, boxing training sessions incorporate the following;

Boxing fitness and skills training sessions are fun but challenging. Whatever your motivation, Matt helps you reach and maintain your training goals with passionate and expert boxing tuition. You are pushed hard, but you'll look and feel great, and develop genuine boxing skills in the 'Sweet Science'.

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MATT SHOULD COACH YOU, IF... are bored of traditional gyms and want the challenge of getting seriously fit by training like a real boxer. are an amateur, white collar or MMA fighter and want technique, fitness, fight preparation and corner support. are an actor preparing for a role and need to develop boxing technique, fitness and state-of-mind. represent a sporting team and want a fresh and edgy training programme to bring your players to a whole new level of fitness and fighting attitude. manage a company and want a team-building session that boosts morale as well as mental and physical fitness through real boxing fitness training. act for local government, education or charitable organisation focussed on helping troubled or disadvantaged youth to develop focus, discipline and positive interests.

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Founder of London's 'Get FIT Not HIT' boxing club, Total Boxer, Matt is a former coach at Islington Boxing Club. Mentored by ex-British Super Middleweight Enzo Giordano and taught by GB Olympic Boxing Coach Dave Pocknall, Matt is known for his fun but hardcore style, making boxing training a challenging pursuit for everyone irrespective of fitness, experience or training objectives.

Based in London Matt has made guest appearances for BBC News 24, BBC Radio Five Live and London Tonight.

Matt is ABA Qualified, CRB Cleared and First Aid Certified.

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“Matt is the best 1-1 technical boxing coach I have had to hone my ring skills and get my fitness inline. His edge is his analysis and subsequent personalised training routine that has been crucial to my learning quickly, effectively and my maintaining interest. Don't expect your average substandard 'Boxercise' class/tuition, this is the real deal where you will learn real technique and is as hard as you are willing to make it!”
Diego Rom, London

“Matt was my trainer for my very first boxing session. Now, many months down the line, he trains me on a one-to-one basis. Matt is a superb coach: paying care and attention to his trainees, while combining his experience and expertise with great patience and good humour. What shines though most is his clear desire for his students to progress and better themselves - to always push harder, to always go further. Training sessions with Matt never fail to be utterly exhausting, totally exhilarating and extremely enjoyable.”
Eugene Grant, London

“I am new to boxing so wanted to get a few one-to-one sessions in with Matt to see how i felt about it as a way of getting fitter. To my surprise I have become totally into it and really enjoying the steep learning curve Matt is taking me on. Just in a few sessions I feel I understand more about the sport and my technique, stamina, co-ordination is improving by every session. I am now considering making boxing my one and only form of exercise! I can warmly recommend Matt to beginners like myself. Don't be afraid to take up the sport, it's really fun when you get into it!”
Jens Wikholm, London

“Matt´s enthusiasm for boxing and the dedication he showed from the very first time he entered the club was infectious. It has been a pleasure working with him over the years and I am proud to call him a friend.
Enzo Giordano, Ex-British Super Middleweight and founder of Left Hook Boxing Club

“Matt is a credit to boxing.”
Dave Pocknall, GB Olympic Boxing Coach

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For more information or to make a booking contact Matt using the following info;

Tel: 0333 1234506 (mobile friendly)

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